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With our service PSD to Joomla we convert your uploaded PSD, Illustrator or Indesign file to SEO friendly and cross-browser compatible (x)HTML/CSS code. With slicing, also known as the term basing, you enable your graphic design to be usable for web browsers. After slicing, the programming takes place which results in a SEO friendly customized Joomla template with semantic code.

What is Joomla?

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Joomla is a free to user Open Source CMS (Content Management System) which enables the webmaster to logically change/add content on the website without the need of having any technical knowledge. Open source means that the source code is freely available and can be edited by anyone. Even commercial oriented websites can use Joomla free of charge. The source code is published under the GNU General Public Licence.

De term ‘Joomla’ [Djoemla] comes from Swahili word ‘Jumla’ which translates to jointly or as a whole in the phonetic English language. The CMS-system Joomla has a very active community of developers and designers spread across the world

By means of themes or custom template files the layout of a page can be easily adjusted, so there is no need to use the standard layout that Joomla offers. Besides, there are countless plugins available which incorporate various numbers of functions. Joomla! is written in PHP and uses MySQL or, starting from version 2.5, MS SQL-database

Your custom Joomla theme

Direct Basing has a fixed team of highly educated top developers who do not rest until your PSD file has been transformed to a perfect Joomla template that fully satisfied your needs. We guarantee top quality slicings and Joomla themes. In case you discover an error in your template we will solve this free of charge!

PSD to Joomla process

Uploading your PSD files for custom Joomla templates

In case you outsource a PSD to Joomla project to us, you will first be asked for the Doctype of your choice when uploading your PSD file. You can choose to have your PSD file converted to either HTML5, xHTML Strict or xHTML Transitional.

Extra options for your Joomla template

After you have selected the desired Doctype several extra options are available, e.g. @Font-face implementation, (custom) JavaScript, styled inputfields. Furthermore, urgency (finished within 12 hours), or White label (your project will not be just for our portfolio and the name DirectBasing will not be referenced in the source code.) are among the options

For more information about the different Doctypes or other additional options we refer you to our HTML slicing ‘PSD to HTML’ information page.

More information on PSD to HTML

Skilled Joomla developers

Joomla specialists that live up to our high demands.

From the start Direct Basing has worked with a fixed team of highly skilled slicers. Additionally, all our slicers live up to our high quality standards as to ensure you are only dealing with specialists.

Most web developers are experiencing difficulties when trying to convert PSDs to custom designed Joomla templates. To fully ensure your HTML5 slicing and PHP code to work at full capacity it's very important that you deal with professionals only. Only then can one fully be sure of the end result, which is a clean coded, well-structured and cross-browser compatible Joomla template.

Prices PSD to Joomla!

Do you have your website design ready, but lack the knowledge and skills to convert your Adobe Photoshop design into a custom Joomla template document, search no further, our slicers can help you. Still, even if you possess some knowledge to convert PSDs to a Joomla template, you can ask yourself the question whether it is wise to do it yourself, as in most cases it can take up a lot of time and effort if it is not daily routine.

Prices PSD to Joomla.

As indicated before, Direct Basing has worked with a fixed team of highly experienced Joomla developers.

If you want to convert your design into a custom designed Joomla Template we offer very competitive prices. So competitive, that it's not even worth doing it yourself.

A simple cost calculation will tell that outsourcing your PSD to Joomla conversion to Direct Basing not only saves time but also money.

Search no further and choose for the best Email Joomla developers and calculate your savings

Calculate your Joomla template price now!

Not only Joomla templates

You are guaranteed to receive top quality PSD to Joomla templates when choosing for DirectBasing. Slicing and coding your Joomla templates is done by our highly qualified top developers. By choosing for the Joomla Content Management System (CMS) you are able to manage the website content yourself, even if you do not possess technical knowledge. Therefore, a lot of website owners are managing their website with Joomla and gain full control over their content and costs.

Besides the integration of your PSD file to Joomla CMS, integration to other CMS systems is also possible. Examples are Wordpress or Magento CMS. Any of these CMS systems are Open Source, free to use and contain loads of functionalities.

Click for more information about Joomla, Wordpress or Magento development on the banner of the desired CMS system.

We have worked for

One of our distinctive characteristics are the high quality slicing, with or without (Joomla) CMS implementation, and super-fast delivery. Our highly skilled team of slicers delivers not only Search Engine Optimized code but care is also taken of the logical structure thereof. Our hard work and dedication have resulted in an extensive and varied portfolio with a wide range of customers. Below you will find just a small sample of our extensive client base for whom we performed HTML-slicing and integration to Wordpress, Joomla or Magento.