How to install (or move) Wordpress (on)to your server?

Installing or moving a wordpress website is very simple. Following the steps below and you will succeed in less than five minutes.

Wordpress installation

  1. Extract the zip file and upload all files to your ftp
  2. Open the .sql (database) file and replace all urls to your own website url (e.g.
  3. Make a database and import the .sql file with the replaced urls
  4. Open the wp-config.php file and replace the current database details with your own database details
  5. You are now able to reach your website at http://www.example com
  6. The admin section will be available at

Admin details

If you are trying to access one of the wordpress installations made by us, both the username and the password will probably be "cms".

Username: cms
Password: cms or 4tnfV98pkcBDiF

We highly recommend you to change this as soon as you are logged onto your admin section.

Problem solving

When you performed all of the tasks above and your installation is still not working, it is prrobably due to some of the reasons mentioned below.

My custom urls are not working

If your urls are not working, it is very likely that .htaccess is corrupt. This is easy to solve:

  1. Please remove the .htaccess file from your ftp
  2. Go to the wordpress admin section click on Settings => Permalinks
  3. Click the default option and hit the save button
  4. Click the postname option and save the changes again
  5. A new .htaccess file is made and your urls should be working now

White page "Error establishing a database connection"

You did not enter the correct database details in wp-config.php