With our service PSD to HTML we convert your uploaded PSD, Illustrator or Indesign file to SEO friendly and cross-browser compatible (x)HTML/CSS code. With slicing, also known as the term basing, you enable your graphic design to be usable for web browsers.

PSD to HTML slicing in 3 steps.

PSD slicing to HTML, xHTML or HTML5?

In case you outsource a PSD to HTML project to us, you will first be asked for the Doctype of your choice when uploading your PSD file. You can choose to have your PSD file converted to either HTML5, xHTML Strict or xHTML Transitional.

Strict or transitional xHTML

xHTML slicing consists out of traditional HTML4 structure combined with markup from XML. The main difference between xHTML Transitional and xHTML strict is the way you are bound to the proper use of syntax. With xHTML Strict you must for example strictly follow the closing tags or errors will emerge. If you would like to alter our conversion in a later stage, it is safer to choose for Transitional or HTML5.
The chosen doctype has no effect on the web browser, provided that you followed the rules regarding the chosen schema. Therefore, you cannot use HTML5 elements in your source code when you have an xHTML doctype. These elements are just not recognized.

HTML5 slicing

HTML5 slicing

HTML5 slicings are the most complete variant from which you can choose as most new techniques are directly implemented in the language. It can be seen as a combination of HTML and xHTML as it consists of functionalities of both.
HTML5 is further meant to ensure more structure within the text. For example, by adding <section> tags search engines can better read text which it consist. Furthermore, <nav> elements can be used to provide search engines that some sort of navigation is used for users to browse the website. All these HTML5 elements are used to tell the search engine how your website is structured and which parts are important. <header> and <footer> are herein important elements.

PSD to HTML5 specialists

A correct conversion from your PSD to HTML5 code is not an easy task for most web developers. To fully benefit from a proper HTML5 slicing it is of great concern that you deal with professionals only. Only then can you benefit from all its advantages. It is therefore wise to choose for our PSD to HTML5 slicing as to make sure you are getting all the advantages that HTML5 has to offer.

Extra options with an xHTML‚ HTML5 template

You can choose for the following additional options when converting a PSD to xHTML or HTML5 template.

  • Font-face implementation. @Font-face implementation:

    @Font-face is a new technique to correctly display text with special fonts that the user has not pre-installed.
    We advise this option rather than using Cufon

  • JavaScript functions JavaScript functions (simple and complex):

    Simple JavaScript functions for standard sliders or lightboxes. If you need custom designed sliders or lightboxes you should choose for JavaScript medium.

  • Cufon implementation Cufon implementation:

    Cufon is a technique to display non-standard web-fonts on the website. This technique is obsolete, @font-face is the preferred techniques for font replacement.

  • Advanced JavaScript functions JavaScript functions (advanced):

    With advanced JavaScript you should think of heavy scripts that should be designed (almost) completely from scratch.

  • Discrete PSD to HTML slicing (White label) Discretion (White label):

    Choose this option if you want complete discretion, i.e. your project will not be just for our portfolio and the name DirectBasing will not be referenced in the source code.

  • Styled Inputfields. Styled Inputfields:

    Choose this option if your select, radio or check-boxes need a non-basic markup. You can add append this in your PSD design.

  • Dropdown menu Dropdown menu:

    Choose this option if you need advanced menus like dropdown menus.

  • Jobs with urgency (within 12 hours) Jobs with urgency (within 12 hours):

    If you want you slicing job to be finished within 12 hours you should select this option too. Please note that this option is only available for projects which consist out of 3 HTML pages or less.

PSD to website or web shop with CMS

There is an increasing demand from website owners to manage their website themselves. This can be done by using a Content Management System (CMS). A CMS system lets users without technical knowledge manage the website in an easy manner.
Generally, we make use of free/open source software. This means that your website is integrated with Wordpress, Magento or Joomla.

We have chosen from Wordpress, Magento and Joomla not only because these CMS systems are free, but more importantly, because these systems have loads of functionalities. The average website can work just fine with them.

We have worked for

One of our distinctive characteristics are the high quality slicing, with or without CMS implementation, and super-fast delivery. Our highly skilled team of slicers delivers not only Search Engine Optimized code but care is also taken of the logical structure thereof. Our hard work and dedication have resulted in an extensive and varied portfolio with a wide range of customers. Below you will find just a small sample of our extensive client base for whom we performed PSD to HTML, xHTML or HTML5.